Seasoned Professionals
Hawkeye is comprised of seasoned professionals who have substantial experience in connection with a variety of real estate investment platforms, including: (i) acting in a fiduciary capacity in selecting and investing with new and emerging managers (on both a discretionary and non-discretionary basis); (ii) supporting the operations and activities of first-time funds and new and emerging managers on behalf of institutional investors; and (iii) working on transactions and strategies designed to develop and support real estate investment platforms and associated entrepreneurial businesses.


Hawkeye’s senior management has many years of experience in all aspects of real estate, including investment consulting and management, research, fund structuring, financing, acquisitions, operations, accounting and reporting, portfolio and asset management, law and tax, investment banking and venture capital.

The shared vision of these individuals has allowed Hawkeye to establish a presence in the marketplace as a leader in establishing and fostering the growth of new and emerging real estate investment managers on behalf of its investors.