\Hawk-eyed\, adj. Having a keen sight; discerning; perceptive; watchful

Our Firm

Hawkeye is built on a pioneering vision of creating institutional-quality investment management programs in real estate private equity. Our experience and relationships in the industry provide institutional investors with unique access to innovative, customized investment programs. Hawkeye’s flagship program, the Scout Program, has successfully launched real estate investment managers across a variety of sectors.

Highlights of the Scout Program include:

Access and Opportunity

  • Strategic Relationships
  • Access to Deal Flow
  • Additional Investment Opportunities

Comprehensive and Ongoing Risk Management

  • Diversification
  • Mitigate Real Estate Risk
  • Manage Manager Risk
  • Transparency

Enhanced Returns

  • Real Estate Outperformance
  • Lower Cost
  • Platform Ownership in New Managers

Hawkeye Sponsorship

  • Extension of Investors’ Resources
  • Strong Alignment of Interest
  • Experienced and Focused Sponsorship
  • Proprietary In-House Research